In 2017, more than 32,000 civilians were killed by explosive weapons in Syria, Iraq, Yemen or Ukraine. Blind bombings are now the daily lives of thousands of people. Failure to respect a clear distinction between civilians and combatants is inhuman. That’s why Handicap International started the petition “Stop the bombing of civilians!”.
The objective? Gathering one million signatures around the world in order to put an end to this unacceptable practice.

In order to raise awareness about this dreadful situation & make people sign up the petition, we launch a social media activation, together with a powerful campaign image in print ad.
Real photobombing is indeed litterally the daily life of people in those parts of the world. And for them, this means so much more than just a missed picture…

How does it work?
On social media, we surprise people who posted a picture with the hashtag #photobomb: as a comment to it, we re-post the same picture but this time truly photobombed.
We cover up the person or animal who photobombed the original picture with a filter, featuring a real explosion or bombing. This picture is posted by Handicap International as comment to the original post. Along with the following message: “For thousands of civilans in bombed zones, this is what a photobomb truly means… Together, we can stop those crimes: sign our petition” & a link to the dedicated landing page.