Parents of a newborn want the best for the future of their child. From the earliest age, they take care of preparing him a good life, education, … to make sure everything will be all right for him, once adult.

Since being parent is a long-life commitment, Colruyt introduces Colruyt’s legacy. A loyalty program for young parents willing to save for the future of their child, from the very start of his life: his birth.
Each time parents will shop at a Colruyt store, they’ll earn loyalty points not for themselves… but for their kid! During his whole childhood, his parents will therefore collect an incredible amount for him. Finally, when the child turns 18 years old, he gets the result of the lifetime savings of his parents: a true legacy, in the form of vouchers to be used at Colruyt.

To go further...
Every parents love to share pictures of their baby on social media. That’s why we will offer them a funny extra, during the creation of their child’s Legacy card: after they have uploaded a picture of their baby, they’ll get an amusing overview of what he could look like at the age of 18, along with funny facts about his potential future.
A great way to spread Colruyt’s legacy activation!