Write history: send 1 of the 100 last Belgian telegrams ever
After more than 170 years of loyal service, one of the oldest communication means in Belgium disappeared… forever: the telegram. Proximus – the successor of public telephone and telegraph corporation ‘RTT’ – terminated indeed the service on the 29th of December 2017.

At Gutzandglory we cherish all forms of communication and we wanted to give the telegram a nice send-off.
That's why we launched: The Last Telegram.
For Christmas, we offered a unique gift to our contacts: the chance to send one of the 100 last Belgian telegrams ever.

How does it work?
On a dedicated platform, our contacts could fill in their message and send it for free to the recipient of their choice. The following week, lucky ones received a numbered final-edition telegram. Therefore getting a unique piece of history in their hands.
All this allowing us to send our final best wishes to the Telegram.