Multimedia campaign for Epic Combo, the new Proximus pack for at home and on the go.

Epic Combo is there for nest-leavers, who epically manage to combine a party life and professional life. You can endlessly share all your epic moments, big or small: your craziest parties, your rotten food in the fridge, your exotic office-for-the-day locations, every latte you drink... Or not.

The campaign is signed off with the down-to-earth millennial motto: 'You don’t have to be Epic. But if you want to, you can’. To be found in bus stop posters, on TV, in the gym, on placemats, on the tube, on the train, in bars, on the toilet and especially on social media and YouTube.

> TV and cinema spot

Radio FR - 30sec

Spotify FR - 30sec

Radio UK - 30sec

> Facebook posts

> Instagram posts

> YouTube Prerolls

> Digital sportclubs

> Abribus > Placemat